Lincoln, RI (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

Volute Technologies introduces wPaaS™, Widget Platform as a Service, which embodies a revolution towards the standardization of human interaction with business functions and cloud services. A Volute™ Widget is a new breed of web app technology providing unique ways to visualize and interact with disparate systems and cloud services.

wPaaS™ fills the gap left by other service models like SaaS and PaaS by standardizing a way to integrate and interact with locally and globally distributed applications from desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets, and smartphones, and is device and OS agnostic.

“wPaaS™ is a new kind of software model providing humans an efficient and unified way to consume and manage information from multiple sources and devices,” says Michael Croft, CEO of Volute.

A composable business leveraging Volute’s wPaaS™ fosters innovation, which is paramount to success in today’s business climate, and allows capitalization of cloud technology, big data, Internet of Things and mobility.

Composable business allows organizations to develop stand-alone functions that can be assembled on-demand, creating real-time workflow processes. Since each component is stand-alone, it can be reused across different systems, departments and organizations. This decentralization of business functions is a powerful concept, however people are more productive when information is organized in a simple, centralized manner, which Volute’s implementation of wPaaS™ enables.

wPaaS™ helps organizations capitalize on composable business by offering:

    Device and OS agnostic Widgets that eliminate the need to build multiple applications that only work on specific computers or mobile devices, thus reducing costs and time-to-market, while delivering pure BYOD.
    Widgets that integrate with any system, cloud service, and other Widgets to help organizations develop a unique, powerful network of collaborating business functions.
    A centralized governance component, such as a private marketplace, that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device for full-scale enterprise mobility.
    A composable user interface of Widgets, such as fluid dashboards, allowing users to choose and customize how they interact with information for greater productivity.
    Centralized access to decentralized business components that interact with each other to derive new business insights.
    A crowdsourcing philosophy that encourages innovation to produce the best Widgets for organizations.

“Volute’s wPaaS™ is a game-changing shift in the industry allowing organizations to truly capitalize on the power of the cloud and service-based computing,” says Croft.

About the Company

Volute Technologies is headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island and will open a New York City office in January, 2015. Founder and CEO, Michael D. Croft, has over 16 years of professional experience designing software solutions used by many of the most well-known companies in the world. He has provided technological advisory services to the United Nations’ renewable energy affiliate IREO and in 2012 earned the 40 Under Forty award, which cites 40 professionals under the age of 40 who are making an impact on a local or national scale. The company recently welcomed renowned members to its Board of Advisors, which it plans to announce in the upcoming months. For more information about Volute visit, call 888-316-6303, or email sales(at)volute(dot)co.

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