iTech Services

iTech Analytics provides scalable solutions in Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and OS-DaaS.  With our Data Centric approach, we can develop and deploy customized software along with complete data platforms. Our seamless end-to-end solutions, provide the most advanced and cost effective data options available.  The iTech Team has the technical expertise to meet the demands of your data needs and become a single source provider for complete Data Lifecycle Management.





Big Data Analytics / Cloud Computing

iTech Analytics is a Big Data competency partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). We leverage the AWS Infrastructure to create a total end-to-end Big Data and Cloud Computing Technology suite. Our services help manage complex big data task while reducing costs and increasing the revenues.

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Business Intelligence and Visualization

iTech Analytics provides an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) platform that enables you to create sophisticated data analytics applications, and visually stunning dashboards. iTech provides data driven solutions for various industry verticals and public sector applications.

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iTech OS-DaaS™

iTech Analytics Objective Specific Data as a Service (OS-DaaS™) Platform, takes Big Data Analytics to the next level. Our next generation strategic analytic research, enables companies to dramatically improve success rates of corporate initiatives by developing Objective Specific Data Strategies.  With our technology partner Solitaire Interglobal Ltd (SIL), iTech provides the unique ability to leverage the power of both internal and external data sources. This allows us to create highly accurate real world data driven solutions by combining essential customer data with SIL’s 160+ Peta Bytes database. All relevant data is processed through a series of proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Predictive Modeling tools. With our OS-DaaS platform, we connect all the dots and provide a data driven blueprint with a recommended action plan.

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