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    NFC tags utilize PKI identification/authentication methods eliminating need for network/database connection
    Smartphone App and secure Cloud-based service allow for in-field control of authentication credentials in real-time
    Tag features ‘signed data’ ensuring integrity and security of data and can contain over 100K bytes of user/product information
    PKI technology, utilizing the Algebraic Eraser™ and industry-standard security protocols, eliminates need to manage keys or passwords for each tag
    Security and privacy solution suitable for credentials, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting in pharmaceutical, spirits, electronics and fashion products

SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for the Internet of Things, announced today the availability of the LIME Tag™ NX01, a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that utilizes Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to deliver identification and authentication solutions that require no database or Internet connectivity when performing an authentication. The ‘passive’ NX01 does not require a battery or other external power source and is available as an inlay, card, or chip for integration into existing products, labels or tags. The PKI security features address a wide range of commercial applications including credentials, product and brand protection, and other high value transactions.

“NFC tags and cards are a fast growing market and managing every transaction with network-connected security methods is becoming harder and harder. Our tag provides an answer to delivering real-time authentication with or without an available network,” said Louis Parks, CEO of SecureRF. “The NX01 is a great example of the type of solutions we are delivering that provide strong, easy-to-use security and privacy for low-resource devices that are part of the Internet of Things.”

The LIME Tag NX01 provides a dual interface option for both contact and contactless deployment. Both interfaces, ISO7816 and ISO14443, are supported when using the contact power mode. The NX01 can be used as a contactless card or tag too. In contactless mode, the NX01 can be used with most NFC-enabled smartphones or readers and is supported by SecureRF’s Veridify Smartphone App, which in addition to authentication, can provide visual verification, location, and messaging features.

The tag utilizes the Algebraic Eraser, a Public Key (asymmetric) linear-in-time crypto engine running directly on the tag, along with industry-standard security protocols, to deliver authentication and data protection functions and make the tag unclonable. The Algebraic Eraser is a Diffie-Hellman method that uniquely fits and runs on a passive NFC chip with no additional co-processors or connections. The NX01 provides up to 100 Kbytes of protected user-defined data. The tag incorporates many PKI elements including the ability to revoke or un-revoke its ‘certificate of authenticity’, through the smartphone or user app, in essence turning the tag’s authentication on or off after deployment. SecureRF also provides an easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard for data management and reporting.

The LIME Tag NX01 is suitable for credentials and authentication solutions including item-level brand protection and anti-counterfeiting for pharmaceutical, spirits, electronics and fashion products.

About SecureRF

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