iTech Analytics provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, and Custom Solutions leveraging open source and industry standard tools and technologies to integrate with your enterprise infrastructure. 

Big Data Analytics

Everything today generates data, from social networks to instances running your web application on a Smart Phone.  Today, many industries are faced with the challenges of increasing volume, variety, and velocity of digital information.

iTech Analytics has a proven track record and is a Big Data competency partner with AWS (Amazon Web Services).  By leveraging AWS’s Big Data and Cloud Computing platform, iTech offers a comprehensive and end-to-end portfolio of Big Data and Cloud Computing services that helps you manage big data by reducing costs, gaining a competitive advantage, and increasing the speed of innovation.

iTech Analytics makes it easy to provision the storage, computation, and database services to turn the data into intelligent information to run your business.  Using AWS’s tools such as Direct Connect, you can move petabytes of data in minutes and stream up to gigabytes data per second in real-time using AWS Kinesis that can seamlessly scale up to handle streams from thousands of sources.

iTech uses AWS’s Elastic MapReduce (EMR) web service which is based on Hadoop open source framework to distribute and process data across multiple resizable clusters of EC2 instances. This easy to use, secured, reliable, and flexible Big Data platform allows processing of vast amount of data quickly and cost-effectively.

Cloud Computing

iTech Analytics provides a complete set of Cloud Computing services that enable you to build sophisticated, scalable applications. Today, hundreds of customers of all sizes take advantage of these Cloud Computing services in a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, media, financial services, insurance, real estate, retail, education and the public sector.

Whether you are running non-critical applications or support the critical operations of your business, you need rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. The term “Cloud Computing” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

With iTech Analytics and its partners, we can help reduce your overall IT costs by utilizing massive economies of scale and multiple pricing models allowing you to optimize costs both for stable and variable workloads.  iTech’s Cloud Computing helps with driving down up-front and on-going IT costs allowing you to access a highly-distributed, full-featured platform at a fraction of the cost of a traditional infrastructure.

Business Intelligence

In 2020, the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as in 2011 and there will be 75 times the number of information sources (IDC, 2011).  With this amount of data are huge, unparalleled opportunities for advancement, but to turn these opportunities into reality and meaningful, user-friendly data, you need the power of data analytics and Business Intelligence at their fingertips.

iTech Analytics brings your data story to life through stunning visualizations with amazing drill down capabilities that take your Business Intelligence to the next level by clearly seeing the areas that are most important to your company’s performance.

iTech’s multi-tenant BI platform unifies the traditionally siloed BI technologies by automating critical data management tasks, greatly reducing complexity — speeding deployments and reducing overall costs.  We deliver real BI—more than a simple charting engine addressing a business’ entire analytics needs across all data sources, transforming raw data to analysis-ready information empowering business users to make meaningful business decisions without the constant involvement of IT.

Custom Solutions

iTech Analytics provides custom software solutions designed around your company’s data needs. With  iTech’s Objective Specific Data as a Service (OS-DaaS™)  Software Platform, we can provide  a data driven blueprint and action plan for your business objectives.