Welcome to iTech Analytics


iTech Analytics, Inc. (“iTech”) is an agile Software Development and Data Solutions company providing Data Analytics, Big Data, and Cloud Computing Infrastructures for Healthcare, Finance, and Retail industries. iTech provides expert information services to help C-lelvel executives solve problems and issues in an ever changing environment. Our world-class technology partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tableau, EPIC, Microsoft and others, teamed with iTech, provide scalable Data Analytics for deep data discovery and visualization.  iTech‘s Objective Specific Data As A Service (OS-DaaS™) platform, provides an unique ability to develop, deploy, and measure the Objective Specific Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based customized software solutions. This service brings the technical expertise to meet the demand of big data analytics and HIPAA compliant AWS cloud environment for total Data Lifecycle Management.  iTech‘s cloud architecture enhances total data utilization while improving overall cost effectiveness. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), iTech serves major US and Global Markets. The founders of iTech bring over 65 years of combined experience in Technology and Management, Business Intelligence, Software Development, RTLS (Real Time Location System), EPIC Cogito and other Applications, and Big Data Infrastructure including Cloud Computing with Fortune 500 companies and major Healthcare facilities in USA. iTech leverages the collective management, advisory team and Technology Partners expertise and combines this into a developer/service provider business model. Our single wrapper approach allows iTech to be a single source provider delivering the most advanced and cost effective complete Data Solutions available in verticals such as Healthcare, Financial, and others. iTech wants you to manage your business and we’ll take care of your data.

Big Data Analytics

iTech Analytics provides a complete Big Data Platform. With Hadoop Architecture as its back bone, huge amounts of structured and unstructured data can be quickly utilized for better data discoveries. Unlock your company’s Big Data insights.

Business Intelligence

ITech Analytics brings your data story to life through stunning visualizations. With amazing drill down capabilities, take your Business Intelligence to the next level by clearly seeing the areas that are most important to your company’s performance.

Cloud Computing

ITech Analytics can transition your company to the Cloud. Take advantage of the highly scalable and elastic capabilities of Cloud Computing. Change your IT infrastructure so that it’s always ready for changes in demand that reduces the need for capital investments.

Custom Solutions

iTech Analytics provides custom software solutions designed around your company’s data needs. With  iTech’s Objective Specific Data as a Service (OS-DaaS™) Platform, we can provide a data driven blueprint and an action plan for your business.